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Big Dan's Pet Food Ingredients
We take pride in our selection of quality products.  Our beef products are not mechanically deboned.  There are actual people who are hired to debone the carcass with a knife.  All ground products are mechanically ground, but personally bagged.  There will be a 10 oz margin on the bags so we can keep the cost down on the meat.  
The chicken products are not processed here, we purchase them from a local poultry plant.  Each week the chicken products change due to supply and demand.  Please call for availablity and weight of bags.  

Ground Beef, Chunked Beef and 1# Ground Beef packages, Cheek meat,  Beef/Tripe/Smelt 
Liver, Kidney, Tripe, Heart, Lung, Spleen
Tongue, Tail, Gullet, Trachea, Bullysticks, Beef Tendons, Beef Stuffed Trachea, Tripe Stuffed Trachea
Rib Bones, Knuckle Bones, Bone Marrow Bones, Calf Bones, Rib Brisket Bones, Whole leg Bones and Neck Bones
Chicken & Turkey
​Chicken Necks No Skin, Chicken Heads, Chicken Necks, Chicken Feet, Ground Chicken, Ground Turkey & Chicken Backs  
Special Order Boxes
​Beef Sample Box, Bone Box, Treat Box, Ground Beef Box, Ground Organ Box, Beef w/Poultry Sample Box
​Ocean Smelt