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30 Day Supply

Shipping Requirements
- There is no minimum order for FedEx shipments except on the large cooler boxes.
-FedEx 1 day -Which means shipping to Minnesota, Wisconsin, some Illinois, some Indiana and only in the winter to Iowa, South Dakota or North Dakota.  We can ship your order in our normal 18x14x8 (holds approx. 40 lbs) or 20x16x12 (holds approx. 70-80 lbs) boxes but will have to charge $8.00 extra for shipping materials.    
-we can ship anytime of the year but the winter is always the better time to keep the meat frozen longer.
-call in your order, please know what you want to order before you call and pay for it over the phone.  Your order will be sent out the first available shipping day.  Please make sure that when you place the order you have the money to pay for it.
-watch your pet enjoy our products! 
- As of right now, we are using only FedEx Ground deliveries and prices, please do not shoot the messenger on shipping quotes.   Remember you are asking to ship a 40#+ box not a envelope!!  
-  If you cancel or change your order after its been packed or you do not pay for your order, there will be a $30.00 restocking fee collected on that order or your next order.  And pallet sized orders will be charged a $300.00 restocking fee.  
Delivery Requirements

- There is no signature required on delivery.
-Please make sure you can get the products that you ordered into your freezer as soon as possible when it is delivered.  We are not responsible for how long it may sit in the sun.  

2 day shipping for Iowa, some Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Michigan, some Illinois, Colorado, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Nebraska will need to use a Cooler Box during the warmer months.  

-All 3&4 days shipping will have to use a cooler box regardless of the temps outside.  The products are out of the freezer for 3-4 days.  

-The Large Cooler Box costs $45.00.  Outside dimensions are 27x21x21 (holds approx. 90 lbs-100 lbs).  This box has a 2" foam cooler inside.  It weights 7.07# empty.   An additional shipping charge will need to be added for this box to be shipped to you.  There is a minimum weight for this box: 50 lbs must be ordered for this box to be sent out.  Fedex does charge a over weight fee for anything weighing over 45#.  

- The Small Cooler Box costs $32.00.  Holds around 30-40lbs depending on what type of meat is put in it.  The box has a 1" foam cooler inside.  An additional shipping charge will need to be added for this box to be shipped to you.  Fedex does charge a over weight fee for anything over 45#. 

- We are not responsible for any problems that may occur with FedEx ground or express.  You can choose quicker shipping if you like or a different carrier.  If your package does not make it on time or is damaged, we can only try to get you a refund from FedEx, it is not a guarantee.  We will not replace your package for free of charge. 

  Payments accepted:
Cash or Check with no additional fees.
Credit card, echeck or Paypal will include a Convenience Fee.