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Safe Food Handling
- Thaw raw pet food in the refrigerator
-Keep raw pet food sealed in its own container
-Unless feeding, keep thawed pet food in refrigerator 
-Feed thawed pet food within 3 days of thawing.  Refreeze any pet food you won't feed in 3-4 days. 
-Clean pet food bowls after feeding.  Do not let children or any immune system-compromised individual handle any food bowls or pet food.
-Wash your hands before and after every feeding.
-Clean surfaces thoroughly.
Feeding Raw Pet Food
    If you are new to the raw feeding diet, here are a few tips to help you start out.  To start a raw pet food diet, its been suggested to read "Real Food for Healthy Dogs & Cats" by Dr. Karen Becker.  When starting to transition over your pets its all trial and error.  I always say "Every pet is different", they will tell you what they like and don't like.  Once you get the hang of it, it will be smooth sailing after that.  
    Some people start "cold turkey" on their pets feeding.  All raw meat and no dry food.  That may work or it may not.  Others try weeding off dry pet food and adding more raw pet food each day until all the dry pet food is gone.  Don't be surprised if they eat the raw meat and leave the dry pet food to last.   Seeing loose stools at the beginning is no alarm, your pets body is just detoxifying.  
    Our feeding tips are only your starting point.  Each dog has different energy requirements.  Some breeds are more active than other breeds.  Some just lay around the house all day long.  We suggest to feed 3% of their body weight and a 80-10-10 mix.  80% muscle meat + 10% organ + 10% bone.  
        For example:  50# dog x 3% = 1 1/2# a day.
    You can feed this all at once or split it up during the day.  If you notice your pet losing too much weight, then you should increase the poundage.  If you notice your pet gaining too much weight, then you should decrease the poundage.  It all depends on how active your pet is.  Also don't be afraid of the blood that is in the meat, it keeps the meat moist and shows you how fresh it is.  
    Feed your pet the raw diet in the same food bowl as you were with feeding dry pet food.  Use all the safe food handling instructions when feeding raw.  Pets can enjoy their raw diet both frozen and thawed.  Some pets eat very quickly, it can be beneficial for them to get their raw pet food frozen.  It helps slow their eating down and cleans their teeth at the same time.  Freezer life for the meat and organs is only for 4-6 months.  
    Freezer space is a must with raw pet food diets.  Don't wait until the last bag of pet food to call in your order or go and get your pet food.  Weather can play a very cruel joke sometimes especially in Minnesota.  Some pet food orders take longer than others do.  It's always good advice to plan ahead and place your order for the next week.  That way you can hopefully get what you want, when you want it.