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Coarse ground beef available in 10 lb bags.  

Price:  $1.00 per pound

Beef Ingredient Products
The cows brought in are processed that afternoon and placed in a cooler over night at 32 degrees.  The next morning they are de-boned and further processed.  All products below are inedible and are not for human consumption, these are only to be fed to your dogs and cats.  Only bulk items (50# blocks) will have a liquid charcoal denaturant added.  No artificial preservatives or flavours.  No grains or gluten added.  All products are frozen unless specifically requested.  Bag sizes cannot be changed.  All items are subject to MN sales tax unless tax exempt. Forms available upon request.  
Hand cut in approx. 3" x 4" chunks in 10 lb bags.  Chunked beef is made from the loin of the cow.  Your dogs will be eating a high quality piece of meat.    

Price:  $1.15 per pound
Coarse ground beef in 1# packages. Ground Beef 1lb is made from the front shoulders of the cow.  

Price:  $1.50 per pound
Nutritional Facts of Beef:

Mineral packed protein with high levels of Zinc and Iron, two minerals that are hard to get from "real" foods.  It is also high in the Complex B vitamins which help boost energy.  

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min.)  56%
Crude Fat (min.)  16%
Crude Fiber (max.)  0%
Moisture (max.)  75%
About what 1700# looks like
inside the Red Freezer, about 7,000#
Payments accepted:

Cash or Check for pick up only with no additional fees.

Credit card, echeck or Paypal will include a Convenience Fee.  
Musher Ground Beef - Fatty coarse ground beef in 10# packages or 50 lb naked block. 50 lb naked block can not be shipped, must be ordered in advance.  

Price:  $0.90 per pound
Ground Beef 1 lb
Ground Beef Musher
Ground Beef 
Cheek meat in 10 lb packages.      

Price:  $1.25 per pound
Cheek Meat
Chunked Beef 
On Sale:
 Ground Beef Musher

$0.85 per pound