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Rib Bones
Beef Rib cage bones cut to 6-8" long. Available in approx. 5 lb packages.

Price: $6.50 per package
Bone Products
All bone products are frozen unless specifically requested.  All of the following items are available for shipping. Large whole leg bones would not be available for shipping.  All bones are inedible for human consumption and only to be fed to your dogs. All items are subject to MN sales tax unless tax exempt.  Forms available upon request.  Bag sizes cannot be changed.
Knuckle Bones
Beef knuckle bones all different sizes.  Available in approx. 5lb packages.

Price:  $6.00 per package
50lb box --$55.00 per box
Bone Marrow Bones 6"
Beef bone marrow bones cut to approx. 6" long.  Available in approx. 5lb packages.  

Price:  $6.00 per package
50 lb box --$55.00 per box
Whole Leg Bones
Uncut beef leg bones. Not available for shipping.
​--Variety sizes.  Only upon request.  

Price:  $3.25 per bone
Fun Fact:

When bones are included in the raw food diet, they help "brush" your pet's teeth.
Whole Beef Calf Bones comes 4 in a package.  
-Not pictured--

Price:  $2.50 per package
Payments accepted:

Cash or Check for pickup only with no additional fees.

Credit card, echeck or Paypal will include a Convenience Fee.  
Rib Brisket Bones
Beef Rib Brisket bone.  6-7 Bones per package. Available in approx. 8 lb packages.

Price:  $7.50 per package

Bone Marrow Bones 1"
Beef bone marrow bones cut to approx. 1" thick.  
Better chewing bone for your smaller dogs.
5 pieces per package.

Price:  $6.50 per package

Beef Neck Bone cut to approx. 1" thick.
Great chewing bone to get glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, selenium, zinc and vitamins B6 and B12 all at one time.   
​40% meat and 60% bone, 10 bones per package.

Price:  $13.00 per package

Neck Bone
Raw Crushed Beef Bone
Beef Rib bones crushed into 10 lb bag.  

Price:  $3.25 lb  

Beef Rib bones crushed into 1 lb bag
Price:  $4.25 lb

Raw Crushed Bone
Suggested feeding is 1 tablespoon per 1 lb of meat.  If stools are still loose, increase the crushed bone.  If stools are hard and white, use less crushed bone.  Keep the main bag in the freezer and only take out 3-4 days worth to keep in the refrigerator for daily feeding.
On Sale

Calf Bones
$2.00 per package