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A raw diet for your dogs speaks for itself.  
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*Great Products* 03/20/2017
My daughter, a veterinarian and musher, has been using your products for her dogs for several years.  I started feeding my two dogs your products just two months ago.  My ten your old dog has had patches of dry flaky skin for many years.  No treatments were successful.  Now after 2 months of eating raw food products, her skin in clear.  We have always used a premium dry dog food...but the addition of the good raw beef has made a noticeable difference in both our dogs.  Thank you for your products! Liz

3 years on a raw diet and our dogs have never been healthier and calmer!  We started feeding our German Shorthairs, Randi and Stella, a raw diet when Stella started experiencing digestive problems.  We were already feeding our dogs a high quality, dry dog food.  Stella started getting sick about twice a day, with an upset stomach.  After expensive vet bills, the vet determined that she needed to go on an expensive prescription dog food the rest of her life.  To make matters worse Stella refused to eat the prescription food.  We started our dogs out on a raw diet shortly after as an alternative solution.  Within 3-4 days she no longer was getting sick.  Unexpected bonuses!  With in a couple weeks we started realizing other positive changes.  Our dogs stopped drinking excessive amounts much water.  They now sleep in and don't wake us up at 5am to go to the bathroom.  Our high anxiety dog, Randi, is now much calmer and not bouncing off the walls anymore all day.  NO MORE POOPER SCOOPER in the backyard!  Their waste naturally washes away in a couple of rains.  Saves a ton of time in the spring and before mowing and is much easier on the grass.  Matthew, Twin Cities area

I started feeding my Weimaraner, Jaeger, a raw diet when he was around 1.  He was so picky with his kibble and I was finding that I had to mix all sorts of veggies, yogurt and other items to make it patatable enough for him to want to eat it.  Meal time was such a frustrating time for us as I was down to hand feeding him at times.  When he was on kibble, he would pass gas that could clear a room, had stinky breath, tartar build up and his coat was nothing to be desired.  I turned to my fellow Weimaraner people for tips on what to do about his eating habits an someone suggested feeding a raw diet.  I had NO CLUE what was involved with that and I had NO CLUE dogs could eat raw meat and bones.  I started researching the diet and meat sources because grocery store prices were just too high with needing 4lbs/day between both our Weimaraners.  It was then that I found Big Dan's Trucking.  They have an excellent variety of products that we are able to use for the bulk of their diet and my pups gobble it up.  My dogs are so healthy, have shiny coats, better breath, little to no tartar and smaller poops!!  My world has been opened, I have now become quite a dog nutritionist advocate and am happy to educate about the benefits of feeding raw. 
Stephanie Grecco Ball, Home Away From Home- In Home Dog Boarding, LLC