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Fish Products  

Feeding raw fish will be a healthy, natural treat.  Smelt are high in protein, vitamin B12, phosphorus, manganese, omega 3s, selenium, calcium and zinc.  Omega 3s can be great for the dogs eyes, boosts immune system, and can help with heart health.  Omega 3s can be brain food for your dog, especially puppies and senior dogs.   
Ocean Smelt 1#
Price:  $2.00 per lb = comes in 1 lb package
Approx. 13-17 in each package
Smelt can be cut in half frozen or thawed
Ground Smelt 1#
Ground Smelt packaged in 1# bags.  Easier to mix in if your pet doesn't like whole products.
Price:  $4.00 per lb 

All Smelt has a limited supply available