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Chicken & Turkey Ingredient Products
Luckily, we are able to get our hands on some chicken and turkey from a local poultry plant for our raw dog food feeders.  All items are ingredients for making your own raw diet for your pets.  All items are frozen unless specifically requested. All poultry items will have a small amount of denaturant added due to coming from human consumption plants.  Please call for availability.   
Feeding Chicken or Turkey in a raw food diet is good for the minerals that maintain a healthy immune system.
Chicken Necks No Skin 
Whole Chicken Necks no Skin packaged in an 10 pound bag. 

Price:  $0.90 per pound
Ground Chicken
Whole Ground Chicken, coarse grind into 10 lb package.

Price:  $0.95 per pound

Whole Ground Chicken 1#, coarse ground into 1 lb packages

Price:  $1.10 per pound​

Payments accepted:

Cash or Check for pick up only with no additional fees.

Credit card, echeck or Paypal will include a Convenience Fee.  
Ground Turkey 
​Whole Ground Turkey, coarse ground into 10 lb packages.

Price:  $1.35 per pound

Whole Ground Turkey 1#, coarse ground into 1 lb packages

Price:  $1.50 per pound​

Chicken Backs
Whole Chicken Backs packaged a in 10# bag.  

Price:  $0.80 per pound