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About Big Dan's Trucking, Inc
This company was founded in 2000. Our main business was to pick up cows and take them to the slaughter plant.  USDA regulations changed things in 2003, down cows were not allowed into the human food chain.  A plant was built in 2006 on the bosses property to accommodate the processing of down cows for dog food.  In June of 2010, the plant and another building were destroyed in a storm.  After rebuilding,  we were able to process our first cow on December 13, 2010.  Our customers were happy to hear and orders started to roll in.  We try to cater to the little people rather than the corporations.  We placed our ad on another site and from there it was mostly word of mouth advertising.  We thank everyone who referred us to their friends or relatives.  We hope to keep up the good work and supply as much meat as we can to those who raw feed.   Other companies may offer similar products, but our products are the best, and come with a personal touch.

Big Dan's Trucking, Inc. is a very small family-owned and operated business right here in Bethany, MN.  

We try to keep up with all the winter demands and keep up on inventory. There maybe at time a little wait when we have large orders getting ready, please call in your order to get in line so we can fill your order as soon as your items are available.  Some days there just isn't enough hours in a work day to get everything done or not enough people to do the job.